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Website Design WordPress Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

These original websites designs were built on WordPress or HTML5 platforms. All of them are very easy to customize and can be adjusted for every individuals needs.

If you are interested in any of these designs and would like to talk to me about creating one customized just for you. Please CONTACT ME.

Glacier Window & Door

Website Design HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

Glacier Window and Door has been working with top NW architects and builders in supply and install of premium fenestration systems. With offices in Portland and now Seattle, their vast portfolio is centered around the luxury residential market. They are proud to represent some of the most innovative manufacturers on the market today and invite everyone to contact them to learn more.

My client needed three websites for their business. A simple landing page to provide basic information about Glacier Window and Door with links to their Portland and Seattle location websites. They had a website that was built years ago. Their single website needed a facelift with updated content. My client had a basic idea of the websites designs and I worked closely with them to refine their idea. After several discussion regarding the design we were able to come up with a cohesive design for all three websites that satisfied all the client's needs.


HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap PSD to HTML

Voltn'Bolt provides all-in-one self service charging stations, with vending machines for your road trip convenience. The goal of this website is to promote the Voltn'Bolt mobile app and its features.

I was provided a PSD outlining the design and requirements the client wanted for this landing page. The goal of the Voltn'Bolt landing page is to highlight the mobile app, and the amenities and services provided by Voltn'Bolt. Coding the landing page and uploading it to their host server was completed in less than a week.

Bus Stop Pizza

WordPress Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap PSD to WordPress

Bus Stop Pizza is a break-out concept creating a positive social impact for pizza lovers all across America. Through the website, customers can choose to order from all the various pizza selections or customize their own pizza, and place their order through the website for immediate pickup at one of their locations.

The client wanted the ability to easily post special announcements and to occasionally post blogs through the website. We decided to use WordPress because it is one of the most popular and easy to use platforms for non-technical users. We chose a WordPress theme that aligned with the client’s PSD design. I was able to customize the theme to the client’s specifications to match his design and function of the website. There is still more to complete on this project once the client provides the designs and requirements for the other sections of this website.

Crosswinds Energy

HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap PSD to HTML

Crosswinds Energy will create the very best atmosphere for your enjoyment and comfort at all levels. With so many unique entertainment activities from luxury penthouse suites, indoor-dome and outdoor eco-golf courses, trails, parks, electrifying eRaceways, eMOTOR Club or Golf Club you'll be pampered all the time.

Working on this project was a lot of fun for me. Being one of the first few projects that I worked on as a web developer this website really challenged my skills. The client provided the PSD design based on another website they really liked. I was able to successfully mimic the other site’s design and functions. The biggest challenge for me at the time was incorporating some JavaScript into the program. At the time, I was not an experienced JavaScript programmer. After some trial and errors the website turned out really nice and the client was so happy with the end result that we have worked together on several other projects.

OFC, Inc.

Website Design HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap

OFC, Inc. is a service based company that manages special events, government projects, and international events. OFC, Inc. offers expert technical support, experienced management staff, and skilled labor to implement any size event or project.

OFC, Inc. had a website that was not very UX/UI friendly. My client wanted a total overhaul of his company's website. After an extensive conversation we came up with a design that we felt would be professional and fun. I believe I was able to convey the full spectrum of his services and experience without making the user's experience humdrum and boring. My client was more than happy with the end result and expressed how he got more than he expected.


Website DesignWordPress Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap

StitchIt, is a social video platform, where users can come together to collaborate on original micro-video content that collectively tells the story of their shared experiences. With an easy to use interface, combined with personalized themes, music, and filters, StitchIt creates an enjoyable game-like experience tailored uniquely to each individual at any age.

The goal of this website is to provide information regarding the StitchIt mobile app and to obtain user sign up for the StitchIt mobile app release. Through the website StitchIt has obtained several hundred sign ups.



WordPress Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

HomeCoBuy is a new crowdsourcing platform that helps first time home buyers find down payment support and provides high return investment opportunities for real estate investors.

HomeCoBuy is a startup company from Vancouver BC that needed a simple website explaining their services. My client wanted a simple CMS platform and have the ability to make minor edits if necessary. We decided to build the website using the WordPress Sydney theme (from aTheme) and SiteOrigin's Page Builder. The client was very happy with the fact that the theme and plugin allowed him to easily add content and edit the content when needed.

Keep It Easy Productions

Website Design HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

Keep It Easy Productions is a reality TV production company. The goal of the website was to get attract willing participants to sign up and come to the open auditions for the reality TV show.

The website was designed and developed from scratch. The client wanted a website that would pop and be attractive to visitors. Couple weeks before the auditions a countdown was displayed in the header to create urgency for the audition sign ups. The client was able to get over 500+ sign ups within a couple weeks time through the website sign up form, email, and phone calls.


Website DesignWordPress Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap

Scamazon is a satirical political website. They are a group of writers, illustrators, animators & video producers determined to fight fascism with funny.

The client wanted a blog website that would display their writing, illustrations, animations, and videos through a simple layout that resembled a comic strip. Since they would be constantly adding new content for an ever growing audience, we decided that using WordPress and SiteOrigin's page builder would be best route to go. This setup makes it very simple for them to edit content and add new content without knowing how to code. After the project was complete, I provided their team with a thorough tutorial on how to edit, add, and delete content.

PCDragons, LLC

Website Design HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap

PCDragons, LLC is a small business who provides on-site and in-shop PC, Cell phone and Tablet solutions.

The website was designed and developed from scratch. The client wanted a website that would attract new customers and provide information about his services. He initially provided a design that mirrored one of his competitor's website. I suggested that we come up with a brand new design instead, to which he agreed with. I designed a website that was simple and clean. The website was completed and uploaded to his host server within 24 hours.


HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap PSD to HTML

EcoVillageUSA is a eCommunity that provides eco-friendly and affordable living village. They have dedicated their resources and philosophy to creating a futuristic eCommunity template that will define the future of renewable energy.

The requirements for this project consisted of developing a website based on their design, and setting up a forum platform for the users to discuss relevant topics associated to EcoVillageUSA.

Dollar Virgin Club

WordPress Theme Customization HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Bootstrap PSD to WordPress

Dollar Virgin's Club's Eco-friendly, Airtight Pouch with Smart Nozzle guarantees you'll always have the freshest, best tasting olive oil on the planet.

The requirements for this website was to build on a CMS platform, with an e-Commerce monthly subscription store built in the website. The WordPress Syndney theme was customized to mirror the PSD design and functionality the client provided.

The Crowd Pitch

Bootstrap PSD to HTML

The Crowd Pitch brings a pool of qualified investors to company. The investors invest online through the website. They make it easy to share the company's success publically. They also make sure the deals stay within the complex and ever-changing financial regulations.

My client wanted to develop a crowdfunding website. I was hired to develop the front-end of the website. Mainly the landing page and the project submission forms. I developed the landing page and the forms for this website utilizing the Bootstrap framework (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery), coding the landing page from scratch.The client eventually decided to pivot and move in a different direction, but he was so satisfied with the work I provided for him that we will be using me to design and develop future projects he has coming up for him. The work that I completed for him can be seen on my Github repository (click on the button below).