Steve Kim UX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer

I'm Steve

“I strive to solve everyday problems with thorough research, thoughtful insight and intentional design.”

I am a Product Designer and Front End Developer with 7+ years of experience. I specialize in producing web apps to help businesses define their brand, grow their audience, and reach their business goals. I believe a well-thought-out web app design helps to make a positive lasting impression on your customers to build trust and loyalty.

Of course I didn't land into this specialization overnight. It all started when I started working for Redfin, the first online real estate brokerage website. for over two years, I was face-to-face with clients, and real estate agents explaining our services and getting their feedback on their experience. Afterwards, I would meet with the business, and development team and discuss what we could do to improve our service through our website to make it a better experience for the users while achieving our business goals.

I've always had a passion for the user's experience and design. That is why I believe it is vital to consider the user's experience when designing a website. Ultimately its listening to the users that helps us create better products. I design creative solutions for everyday problems.