UI/UX Design & Development (2022)

Inconsistent design, not mobile-responsive, and confusing content were just some of the problems that needed to be solved. English Book Ladder (EBL) is an English language academy and library located in South Korea, which needed a website redesign to aid their marketing efforts and to highlight their English class programs.


EBL's website did not benefit their business due to confusing and outdated content, inconsistent and non-responsive design, which made for a bad website experience.


Redesign and develop an end-to-end modern website experience to engage, inform, and delight users. Increase the direct contact conversion rate to 20 or more users per month.

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Our users frustrations and pain points

After several weeks of research, interviews, gathering and prioritizing data. I was able to identify 3 consistent frustrations and paint points that the majority of the users faced when they experienced the old website.

Outdated Content

The unmanaged content offered outdated information which was not helpful to the users.

Poor Design

Inconsistent design, not mobile-responsive, and poor layout which frustrated our users.

Language Gap

A mixture of Korean and English language content, which confused and frustrated our users

Who are we designing for?

At the end of the day, we want to make sure we understand and empathize with our end users. To deliver an engaging and usable website design, I synthesized the data from the research and discovery to develop two persona types to help strategize the design and content delivery

persona 1 img

A mother who wants a website with clear and helpful information regarding English programs for her child, because she does not want to be overwhelmed or confused by the website.

persona 2 img

A corporate professional who wants a website to have a language option he can read, because he wants to be able to find the appropriate adult English class that will suit his needs.

Designed for a seamless and usuable mobile experience

With over 95% of the Korean population using mobile phones as their primary source for online searches, it was an obvious choice that we designed for a mobile-first experience.

Korean Version

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English Version

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Mobile Experience

Successfully launched website after 3 months

Three months later, we launched the website. I checked the website metrics to determine if we have achieved our initial goal of 20 more direct contacts from the website. I found that an average 10 user contact conversions every month, which fell short by half. But, we almost doubled the number of unique visitors to the website from 47/month to 83/month.

Even though we only achieved half the number of direct website contacts per month than we initially wanted. We still consider our achievements a success due to the hurdles that EBL and Korea as a country had to go through with COVID-19 and the restrictions that were placed on many businesses. We expect the numbers to increase as the COVID-19 restriction decreases.